What Other Schools are Implementing Sustainable Practices in the Mid-Atlantic States? Find out with FieldScope!

Tuesday, January 20, 2015
Presenter: Cassie Doty, Faculty Research Assistant, University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science Appalachian Laboratory

Cassie Doty, faculty research assistant at the University of Maryland, will be presenting a webinar on FieldScope. During this presentation you will be introduced to the Mid-Atlantic Sustainable Schools – FieldScope (MASS-FS) resource. You will see how you can use it to promote your sustainable practices (“green”) efforts within the community; locate and communicate with other educators who might provide advice; and explore spatial patterns with your students. You will be provided with step-by-step guidance on adding your school or center to the map, uploading your sustainable practices data and updating the data as your work expands. You will also see how to explore MASS-FS to find other schools working on similar sustainable practices. Lastly, time permitting, you will examine several spatially-based questions associated with the sustainable practices data, such as the following: what regions of the Mid-Atlantic states lack data, what are the most common sustainable practices, and where does stormwater runoff from your school go?

Cassie Doty is a faculty research assistant at the University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science Appalachian Laboratory in Frostburg, Maryland. She is the education coordinator for several teacher professional development projects; as such she regularly leads workshops on watersheds, local schoolyard investigations and geospatial technology for Chesapeake Watershed teachers, and helps develop related curricular materials. She holds a M.S. in Environmental Biology from West Virginia University and a B.S. in Biology from Wheeling Jesuit College, and has sixteen years experience as a professional environmental educator.


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Eco-Schools USA: Green Your School Inside, Outside and Throughout the Curriculum

Tuesday, November 18, 2014
Presenter: Kim Martinez, Regional Education Manager at the National Wildlife Federation
The seven step framework to Eco-Schools will be highlighted and in addition, the eight environmental pathways to sustainability. The many benefits to your school participating in Eco-Schools will be presented emphasizing reasons why your school should be part of Eco-Schools USA.


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What is Education for Sustainability?

September 16, 2014
Presenter: Jaimie Cloud, President of the Cloud Institute for Sustainability Education
The field of Sustainability Education is officially 24 years old this year. It was created to address the questions: What do we need to know, and what do we need to be able to do if we want humans and other life to flourish on Earth indefinitely? What are our schools already doing toward that end? What needs to change? What do we need to stop doing? What do we need to start doing? In this webinar, Jaimie Cloud will briefly discuss the history of Education for Sustainability (EfS) and then fast forward to the current state of the field, the essential elements and bench marks. In addition, Jaimie will explore integration and assessment strategies in curriculum, instruction and organizational development. Why educate if not for a healthy and sustainable future?


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The Why and How of Energy Education in Pennsylvania

June 10, 2014
Many schools spend more money on energy each year than on school supplies. Join Ann Devine, environmental educator, and Heidi Kunka, energy program specialist, from the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection for an interactive webinar about energy consumption in the state, funding opportunities and ways to engage your students in energy conservation.


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Transforming Schools with Project Learning Tree (PLT) GreenSchools! Investigations

May 27, 2014
Whether you are a teacher looking for a valuable, free professional development opportunity or a student Green Team member, this webinar will teach you how the PLT GreenSchools! program can transform your school’s environment. Learn how student-led GreenSchools! teams can make a difference by using the GreenSchools! Investigations to examine their school’s environmental impact, apply for a PLT GreenWorks! environmental action grant and implement service-learning action plans to reduce their environmental footprint.



This webinar was provided by the Center for Schools and Communities and made possible through a grant provided by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).

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